I'm Neil, a software engineer currently based in Asheville, North Carolina. I mostly build web apps and productivity tools for companies like Bloomberg, ModernAdvisor, and Gumstix.

I care a lot about delivering simple, beautiful, and maintainable products.

SQLite Playground

Interactive SQLite in the browser



Playlists for concert discovery



The make better decisions app

Demo Source


The facial expression party game


Word Birds

Side-scroller typing game


I built my first web app for a PIC microcontroller in 2008. It was written in C and occupied less than 65K including the OS, TCP/IP stack, and web server.

After joining Gumstix in 2010, I went on to co-invent and patent a web-based embedded system design tool.

In 2014, I became Modern Advisor's first full-time employee and Lead Developer. We gained regulatory approval, released 1.0, and raised Series A financing within a year.

From 2016 to 2021, I was a Senior Software Developer building developer tools at Bloomberg.

Check out my full resume and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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